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    The New Paltz Youth Advisory Commmittee is the successor of the now defunct New Paltz Youth Commission. The Youth Commission was created in 2007 by then mayor Jason West - however due to a lack of sustained initiative the Commission was eventually discontinued. The Youth Advisory Committe was created in 2008 by current mayor Terry Dungan as an analog of the Youth Comssion. We hope to use this new designation to realize the potential of ideas proposed under the "Commission" , and move forward with a new and intensified mission.

    We as youth have an obvious vested interest in the health and future of our Village and Town and through this organization we hope to express our appreciation and care for our community. While the organization was originally chartered as a Village commission, we hope to bridge the governmental gap by working in close cooperation with the Town of New Paltz's Youth Program, thus giving both organizations an advantage to promote and administrate different projects efficiently in both municipalities while keeping the community informed and legislation and cost to a minimum.

    Our current projects are aimed mainly at the enrichment and improvement of our community. Collaborating with other like minded organizations, The Village of New Paltz Government, and the general public we hope to make our plans reality and lay the foundation for a stronger more connected community. In achieving these goals we hope also to create a base for the future of our own organization ensuring an effective and involved youth population.Organization,Professionalism and providing a base for students to take an active role in their local government while providing a wide range of community benefits are our main goals.

    We are always looking for new volunteers to participate at any level, if you are interested in volunteering with the NPYAC, or have any questions,comments or concerns, please e-mail the Youth Advisory Committee  at


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Last Modified on December 24, 2008