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    Email Address:  themaroon@newpaltz.k12.ny.us
    Voice Mail: 845-256-4175 ext. 69535
    Availability:  The club meets on Tuesday and Friday afternoon from 2:25--3:35 in room 139.

    Welcome to the official The Maroon club website!
    If you are interested in joining The Maroon,
    or if you have any questions,
    please e-mail us at themaroon@newpaltz.k12.ny.us.
    You can also talk to Mr. Neden, our expert advisor,
    or to an editor in chief: 
    Parker Reed
    Georgia Schultz
    Trey Nitza
    To read our work, check out the new website: nphsthemaroon.com
    Useful Information For All Marooners
    Writing an article?


    1. Use short, snappy sentences and paragraphs.

    2. Include the who, what, where, why, when, and how of the event.

    3. Get at least two quotes to show student (or teacher) opinion. Don’t quote your friends or other newspaper members, and try to quote people in different grades and groups of friends. We want diverse opinions.



    Interviewing someone?


    1. The first paragraph should set the tone. Use imagery to describe what the person does (the reason you are interviewing him/her) or to set the scene of the interview.

    2. Use short paragraphs to discuss what the person does and use many quotes throughout.

    3. Don’t be afraid to cut out information that is boring or irrelevant.

    4. Be sure to get his/her picture!


    Writing a review?


    1. Start off your review with a brief description of a moment from the movie or with a fun fact about the making of the movie.

    2. Make sure to include the important stuff: the title, the director, main actors, etc.

    3. Don’t summarize the plot. Describe the main characters and tell the reader how the plot starts out, but don’t give anything away.

    4. Pick something about the movie—a certain actor, the theme, the soundtrack, the cinematography, etc. Go into detail about it for a paragraph or two.

    5. Make it clear to your reader whether you recommend it or not.



    Reminders for all writers:


    1. All articles should be at least 300 words.

    2. Use Microsoft Word. We can’t open Word Perfect documents at school.

    3. Use Times New Roman font, size 11.

    4. If you are concerned with your article attaching to the e-mail properly, put your article in the body of the e-mail, too.

Last Modified on December 4, 2023