New Paltz Boys Track and Field
    Stay healthy and strong-

    Next meet is Tues, 11 May @ Saugerties... time to be announced
    Also Next week; Friday, 14 May HOME with Marlboro and Rondout Valley... 4:15
    In the mean time...
    Everyone, every day we don't have practice:  sidelines, stretch before event specific workout; ten minute cool down jog after workout... and don't forget to do core after.  Pushups! Alphabets! make those shins
    impervious to impact :)!
    Note:  the rail trail is marked every half mile

    For weekly maintenance-


    Monday - 30 min easy run

    Tuesday- threshold run: 10 min warm up, 3 min fast/2 mins easy for 30 mins, 10 min cool down

    Wednesday - 30 min easy run

    Thursday - 35-45 tempo run

    Friday - cross train (bike, swim, etc)

    Saturday - 55-70 minute long run easy pace

    Monday- 6x500 fast, heart rate under 140 between
    Tuesday- 8x200 at 400 pace with equal jog recovery
    Wednesday- 400/800/400/800 race pace with full recovery
    Thursday- 300-500-700-500-300 run at 85% equal recovery jog
    Friday- 6x400 sit kicks
    Saturday- time trials of four races you normally do
    Throwers- lift, work on form and footwork.
    Do any drill you can from the daily throwers routine
    also, do jump workout below

    Those who only jump: do mid/sprints workout

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZyrKyn-JqM&t=327s (a good long jump video)

    **For details about invitationals, click here-- the Milesplit calendar page**
Last Modified on May 5, 2021