Student Wellness

  • For remote students your teachers are encouraging you to log off all screens and try something different than your regular routine: listen to music, take a walk, read a book, or do something kind for someone.  You can try the following activities at home click on the links below.  We hope we can bring a smile to your face this week!!

     Coloring PagesCrossword PuzzlesPositive AffirmationsSudoku


                        Wellness Ideas to Try at Home

    • Puzzles (printout of word, number, and/or visual)
    • Yoga (grounding activities, relaxation techniques)
    • Art (coloring books/sheets)
    • Music (read/play music, play instruments, discussions on music)
    • Go for a nature walk
    • Crafting (paint, draw, color, sew)
    • Emphasize the importance of taking breaks 
    • Take time away from screens (day, half day, 1 hour)
    • Walk your pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc) 
    • Get outside and get some Vitamin D (weather permitting) 
    • Stretch 
    • Put an encouraging message or big red heart in your window or on car 
    • Tell someone you are grateful for them (especially essential staff)
    • Practice random act of kindness (find ideas at
    • Pay attention to your own wellbeing needs and ask for help if you need it
    • Make a donation to a food pantry 
    • Remind yourself and others that there are days just a few days until spring (March 20th) 
    • Remind yourself that whatever you are going through or feeling, it’s only temporary 


Last Modified on March 23, 2021