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  • - Official Website to Compelte your (FAFSA) Free Application For Federal Student Aid - Offering an easy-to-use search engine for private scholarships. - A comprehensive free resource for student financial aid information, including free scholarship search, financial aid calculators, etc.

    Complete guide to Social Media

    for students to be aware of how social media accounts may play a role in the college admission process. While traditional factors still hold significant weight in college admissions, social media can act as a wildcard, making responsible use essential to the application process.

    Once you register to become a member of the website, you can then choose which types of scholarships you are most interested in and that are most relevant to you. The site also gives registered users of the ability to opt-out of any type of scholarships that are not interesting or useful to the educational path you have in mind for yourself in the future. is a service that not only works to develop applications and web-based events, but it also provides an entire search for students who are interested in seeking out updates and newly-promoted scholarships nationwide. is an online resources for finding out more information regarding scholarships and financial aid you are qualified to receive based on your income, age as well as your previous education schooling you have completed.

    New scholarships are added to The College Board’s database annually, although any edits and changes that need to be made to current scholarships listed are done on a monthly basis to ensure students always have proper access to scholarship information available. It is also possible to receive an entire book of various scholarships and opportunities available near you with the use of The College Board.

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund empowers students and parents with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing support services and scholarships to as many exceptional students, HSF Scholars, and Alumni as possible.


Last Modified on October 6, 2023