• Positive Boost:

    Research shows just looking at pictures of nature for even a few minutes can lift our spirits, bring more joy and positivity.  If the weather allows for this, go outside and enjoy some moments of sunshine. 


    Mindfulness - (Click on the link for the slideshow)

    Want to Talk to someone?

    •       Family of Woodstock crisis phone line: 845-338-2370 (24 hour availability)
    •       New York State offers counselors by text: Text 741-741 (24 hour availability)
    •       Textmeback.org: Text or Chat line: 845-679-2485


    Your HS School Counselors-Ben Shuchat, Jessica Bradley and Stephanie Popper, Social Worker-Lisa Watkins and Psychologist-MaryKay Fiore are available for you too.


    Local Food Resources:


Last Modified on March 15, 2021