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  • Community Service

    Believe it or not, one place on earth can help you get into college, pay for it, start a great career, and change the world. It’s called your community.

    If you’ve ever volunteered at a soup kitchen or a nursing home, you know some of the rewards of community service.

    But you may not know this one: community service can help you get into—and pay for college.

    How? Well, take the "getting in" part. Every college application has a section on community service. When you have something to put in that space, it says you care enough to work with your community. Many colleges look for that kind of person.

    Then there’s the money angle. Participating in your community holds plenty of other benefits too. When you perform community service:
    *You get to apply classroom learning to the "real world." Community service tests your   abilities to the fullest – and you’ll be amazed to find out where that English course or math equation comes in handy!
    *You get more insight into the needs of the place where you live.
    *You become a "positive change agent," helping people who need your helping hand. In the long run, this is what it’s all about.
    *You learn about yourself – including your career interests. By serving your community, you can discover exactly what you want to do after college.


    Preparing for college, discovering your career, making a difference – community service is one choice you’ll never regret!

    (reprinted from Ready, Set, Go (HESC))

    Community Service Suggestions:  
    UlsterCorps connects volunteers with service opportunities in Ulster County:
    New Paltz Schools
    School Board – Student Representative
    PTSA – Student Liaison (See Ms. Nneji or Mrs. Clinton)
    New Paltz – Town/Village
    Town Hall (255-0604) 
    Town Hall Payroll Dept (255-0604 x3)
    Judges/Courts (255-0041) 
    Youth Center (255-5140)
    Police Department (255-7112)
    Elting Memorial Library (255-5030)
    Rail Trail
    Rescue Squad 
    Fire Department (255-1520)
    Fire Department
    Town Clerk’s Office (331-3709)
    Fire Department (255-1689) 
    Town Clerk’s Office (255-9675 – call Supervisor) 
    Library (255-1255)

    Library (658-9013)
    Youth Center (658-8982)

    Ulster County
    Office for the Aging
    New York State
    State Police
    Service Organizations
    Chamber of Commerce (255-0243)
    Rotary Club
    Red Cross
    Church/Synagogue/Mosque of your choice                                  
    Sierra Club (Mid-Hudson Group)-
    Walden Humane Society (778-5115)                                            
    The Nature Conservancy -Shawangunk Ridge Office (255-9051)
    New Paltz Child Care Center (256-0445)                                     
    Compassion Veterinary Center (255-5920) 
    Culinarians Home  (255-7010)                                                       
    New Paltz Animal Hospital (256-9304)
    Children’s Center (257-2910)                                                         
    Elting Memorial Library (255-5030)   
    New Paltz Nursing Home (255-0830)                                            
    Scenic Hudson (473-4440)  
    Early Education Center (883-5151)                                               
    Meals on Wheels/Senior Meals
    New Paltz Adult Day Care
    Political Party/Candidate of your choice 
    Local Hospitals (Vassar, St. Francis, Benedictine, Kingston)
    Kingston SPCA (331-5377) 
    The Salvation Army
    FAMILY of New Paltz (255-8801)
    Huguenot Historical Society (255-1660)
    Mohonk Preserve (255-0919)
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