CEA - Curriculum

    Civil Engineering and
                     Architecture Course Outline

    CEA Unit Summary

    Unit 1 .....Overview of Civil Engineering and Architecture
                   Unit 1 provides an introduction and overview to the past accomplishments
                             within the fields of civil engineering and architecture as well as a brief
                             introduction to the wide variety of careers within the fields of civil
                             engineering and architecture.

    Unit 2 .....Residential Design
                   Unit 2 introduces students to standard practice in the design of
                             single family homes and provides an opportunity for students
                             to develop a small single family home design that incorporates
                             sustainable design practices as well as universal design features.
                             Students will be introduced to building codes and their impact                
                             on design as well as common wood-framed residential construction
                             techniques and practices. Students also will investigate the cost
                             of construction and the significant impact of the choice of construction
                             materials and practices on the ongoing cost of energy for heating
                             and cooling. They will apply this knowledge to the design of a small,
                             affordable home.

    Unit 3 .....Commercial Application
                   Unit 3 introduces students to the design and development of commercial
                             facilities and the building codes and land development regulations
                             that impact commercial construction. Students are presented with
                             a commercial renovation design project on which they will work
                             throughout this unit. They will research building codes and
                             land development regulations and learn about a variety of
                             commercial wall, roof, and floor framing systems as they further
                             develop a common vocabulary related to building design and
                             development. Students continue to build expertise in the use of a 3D
                             architectural design software package as they model and document
                             their commercial design project ideas.

    Unit 4 .....Commercial Building Systems
                    Unit 4 will allow students to collaborate on the design and documentation
                              of a small commercial facility within a project design team.
                              They will identify a need within their community, investigate a potential site,
                              develop a preliminary design, and document the design of the facility as a
                              team. As the team project progresses, students will apply the skills
                              and knowledge they have gained throughout the course to the team
                              commercial project. Students will document their design according to
                              accepted practice using 3D architectural modeling software.
                              They will also present their design concept to a panel that will
                              critique their design and offer feedback
                              to the team related to their design and presentation.



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