Principles of Engineering (POE)

    Mrs. Mallory






    My Classroom EXPECTATIONS: 

                   1.  Be on time. In your seat and ready to work. Before the bell rings.

      2.  Be respectful. 


      3.  Be prepared for class including writing utensils and paper.


      4.  Always give your best effort. Always!


      5.  Take care of classroom materials. 


      6.  Take care of the classroom.


      7.  Clean up after yourself and push your chair in when you leave.


      8.  When absent, e-mail or stop in, and check the website for content missed.


      9.  Wait to be dismissed before you leave the classroom.


     10. No eating or drinking in the classroom - this includes no chewing gum.


     11.  All music and cell devices are not to be seen or used during class unless approved by the instructor. Please see student/teacher/parent agreement..


    12. Work is to be submitted when due. We have a very tight timeline and you must complete items to be prepared for the next topic.


     13. If you have fallen behind, have missed a class or would like to put in extra time on your work, the computer lab is open after school on a regular basis. 

         Check the board for current availability.  Please do not wait to come in to complete your work. Make arrangements as soon as you deem necessary.


     14. Always pick up after yourselves. Many hands make light work. Leave the room as you found it.



    I, _______________________, have read and understand the above expectations and will honor this classroom's expectations.

    ___________________________________             __________

    Student Signature                                                                                           Date

     As per the Code of Conduct:


    High School: Classroom teachers and study hall teachers
    have the right to create and enforce cell phone policies in their classrooms.
    Cell phone limitations in the classroom may range from a complete ban
    on cell phones to allowing the use of cell phones for educational purposes.
    Cell phones should not be used for entertainment purposes in classes or in
    study halls. Students may not use cell phones in the hallways or in the lavatories
    while class is in session. Special permission to use the phone outside of the room
    during class may be granted by the teacher in case of emergency. Teachers must
    clearly explain their classroom cell phone policies and include them on their
    course syllabi so that students and parents fully understand them. Students are
    required to follow all classroom cell phone policies. Teachers and study hall
    monitors have the right to confiscate cell phones that are being used in violation
    of classroom rules. Students may use cell phones between periods, during lunch,
    before and after school, and on school transportation. However, all cell phone use
    must follow the guidelines set forth earlier in this code of conduct, including not
    speaking loudly, listening to loud music, or being disruptive, and not videoing
    people or taking their pictures without permission. If listening to music with
    headphones or earbuds, one of the individuals ears must remain unblocked
    at all times so that they can hear people talking to them and so that they can
    hear safety announcements.

    Cell Phone Policy Agreement

    I do not want to see a cell phone unless I give you permission. Your phone may not be on the
    desk or any other location where it is visible.


    You will initially be warned. After the first warning, I will ask for your phone,
    place it in a brown paper lunch bag and staple it closed. The phone is left
    with the student but may not be opened.

    At the end of the block, the phone may be removed from the bag and
    the bag is recycled.


    If you refuse to submit your phone to me to place it in the bag,
    your parents will be called.


    Please keep cell phones in your backpacks and out of sight.




    Computer Games

    The computers in room 201 are for school use only.
    Video games are not to be played at any time. 
    You will be logged off and your account locked if this is problematic.




    Parents, please understand that if you have a family emergency and
    need to reach your child

    immediately, call the office (845-256-4100), then the office will call
    me and I can instruct your child to check their phone.

    Grading Policy:  

    All projects will have a rubric attached and requirements will be clearly defined.

    All grades may be improved upon by completing corrections on a separate piece of paper.

    With the correct answer and the reason why it is correct.


    I understand all students work at a different pace. However, we do have deadlines.

    If in fact something is late, typically once a zero is placed in the gradebook, late points
    will be assessed.  I start with 10% off and will never go below 65 if the assignment is turned in.

    I will also see if students are coming after and putting in extra time after school to complete

    Work and do not assess late points if the student is working diligently to complete the assignment.








Last Modified on September 20, 2023