Posted by Alexis Mallory on 5/2/2016

Do Now:  Make corrections on your quiz.

1.  Go over degrees of freedom
2. Tic Tac Toe is Late..Get it turned in in your portfolio with a cover sheet

3. Work on your T-9 Redesign- due Friday.

  Redesign 1 or more components on the T-9 Automoblox. You must make at least 3 significant changes
to make a new improved t-9 automoblox- add some type of load in the bed, add another piece to make it a limo

1. Think about support- do you need another set of wheels

2. Make certain you add connectors where needed

3. Re-Create your title blocks for the new components

4.  Do not write over your original T-9 automoblox file- Save it another time with a different name.