Posted by Alexis Mallory on 12/5/2019

We often take for granted that a light will illuminate when we flip a switch
or that there will be an electrical outlet in a convenient location when
we want to use a hair dryer. The fact that you do not notice the design
of the lighting and electrical system when you are in a building indicates
that the designer has done a good job anticipating the needs of the occupants.
The electrical system must be designed and constructed according to the
applicable building codes and regulations, but it should also be designed
with the end user in mind.

1. Take notes on Electrical Systems

2. Review common Electrical Symbols  Common Electrical Symbols

3. Review Electrical Codes  Residential Electrical Codes

4. Apply to your H4H house:  Duplicate floor plan
                                           Rename it Electricla Plam
                                           Using Visibility Graphic Overide- Hide furniture and entourage

Quiz on Monday on HEAT LOSS - see google classroom.