Posted by Alexis Mallory on 3/16/2020

Do Now/ Activity;

Hello Everyone, We are going to try to get through content while we are away from school.

It is very important that you check this web page every other day per our normal class time.

If you know someone that has not checked or is not checking please reach out to them and tell

that they need to do so.  All items needed to complete activities will be posted on google classroom.

You will find what to do here and you will find the files necessary on the classroom.

If in fact this contiues beyond 2 weeks we will attempt a project from home as well.

So for today, the lesson will be Introduction to Structural Design. From there we will learn to calculate

what size beam will be needed in the structure.  You will need to read the power points, watch any videos

that I link and complete the Note worksheet and then completing the activities that I link. 

So now you will go to Google Classroom and look at unit 3.2.1. 
When you are done completing the handout and activity share
it with 
my by next class time.